4 Tips for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

HOODZ recently contributed to the “Industry Voices” section of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business’s website, which focuses on facilities and operations maintenance issues for those in the retail and restaurant industry. VP of Franchise Operations, Breann Marvin-Loffing, offered four valuable tips for properly cleaning commercial kitchen equipment. The key to success lies in coupling day-to-day maintenance with professional deep cleanings. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Disassemble conveyor ovens and stoves for cleanings.
    • Clean up spills as they occur.
    • Use a brush or scraper to effectively clean surfaces daily.
    • Hire processionals for regular conveyor oven deep cleanings with disassembly.
  2. Spray down the dumpster pad.
    • Clean the dumpster area at least once a week.
    • Use a dumpster deodorizer to deter rodents and small animals.
  3. Invest in regular professional exhaust hood cleanings.
    • Include external kitchen hood cleanings in the regular cleaning and maintenance routines.
    • Hire professionals to clean beyond what is immediately visible to ensure food safety and fire code compliance.
  4. Properly sanitize all cooking equipment.
    • Prevent cross-contamination by thoroughly cleaning all work surfaces and equipment between uses.
    • Consider investing in a soak tank service program to clean cookware like broiler grates, baking sheets, and fryer baskets.
    • Ensure the professional soak tank service will be cleaning your equipment using a non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solution.

Learn more about these tips and making sure your commercial kitchen is properly and thoroughly cleaned by reading the full article here: 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment