Our Customers

hood kitchen cleaning customers

Many people assume that HOODZ only cleans exhaust systems in restaurants; did you know that HOODZ caters to many different facilities that have commercial kitchens? The opportunities are endless.


HOODZ not only cleans fast food establishments but we also clean pizza, five-star, casual sit-down, independent and corporately owned restaurants. Here is a small sample of our restaurant accounts:


HOODZ has the availability and manpower to handle an individual school, school districts, universities and daycare facilities.


We pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable in the exhaust cleaning industry! HOODZ can take on large scale and difficult cleans and we have the experience to get it done in a timely fashion.


HOODZ has experience in cleaning every type of healthcare facility from a nursing home to an eight story hospital. You can trust that your patients will be safe when you use HOODZ.