Soak Tank Service Program

Are you tired of wasting labor on hard to clean kitchen items such as hood filters, pots, pans, grates, racks and utensils? A simple solution is finally here! Watch hard to clean items go from dirty to clean overnight without buying or maintaining any equipment!

HOODZ will set-up a custom tank filled with a non-corrosive, non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaning solution specifically designed for soaking your hard to clean kitchen items. Each month, HOODZ will drain, clean and refill the tank so you don’t have to. All that remains for you to do is use it! Drop items in, then remove after desired soak time and easily rinse clean.


  • + Save money
  • + No equipment to purchase or maintain
  • + Reduce water usage, labor & chemicals
  • + Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive bio-degradable cleaner
Common Uses

  • + Cookware
  • + Oven racks
  • + Hood filters
  • + Fryer baskets
  • + Broiler grates
  • + Baking sheets
  • + Pots and pans
  • + Cooking utensils & more


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