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James & Amy Boyd

We at HOODZ of Springfield/Branson/Joplin are proud to provide the best commercial hood cleaning service available in Southwest Missouri. Our HOODZ trained professionals are experts in the latest grease removal and kitchen exhaust cleaning techniques and are certified in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Prevention of Commercial Cooking Operations. We can inspect, service and clean your entire kitchen exhaust system professionally, every time. Call HOODZ of Springfield/Branson/Joplin today at 417-708-6481.

Professional Clean. Every time.

You have a business to run. It’s our job to keep your kitchen safe. HOODZ ensures that your business operations are in compliance whether you need a general assessment or a complete exhaust system cleaning. We have the experienced staff to do the job right the first time and every time.

Our professionals are trained, qualified, and certified to inspect, correct, and service your kitchen exhaust system. Experience the HOODZ difference for yourself.

Commercial Services

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services
HOODZ trained and certified technicians clean the entire system to ensure that your exhaust system is in compliance with the NFPA #96.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation Services
HOODZ can install exhaust fan hinge kits to fit your needs at a very competitive price due to our exclusive relationship with industry manufacturers.

Fan Access Panel Installation
HOODZ can install exhaust fan access panels at a very competitive price due to our exclusive relationship with industry manufacturers.

Concrete Restoration & Cleaning Services
Owning and operating a restaurant comes with a long list of issues and tasks that need to be taken care of every day. We can take some of this off of your plate using our state-of-the-art proprietary surface cleaner. HOODZ can perform cleaning on almost all concrete surfaces.

Grease Trap & Dumpster Area Cleaning Services
HOODZ will clean up the larger debris before soaking the area with proprietary cleaners. Then using specialized tools, will power wash all surfaces getting rid of excess buildup leaving a clean dumpster pad.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services
HOODZ cleans the entire system ensuring that all accessible surfaces are cleaned down to bare metal or the acceptable limit according to the authority having jurisdiction and the NFPA #96.

Pressure Washing Cleaning Services
We can thoroughly and professionally pressure wash dumpster pads, drive-through's, and building exteriors as well as most other hard surfaces on the interior and exterior of your facility.

Grease Containment System & Services
From full containment systems to absorbent pillow replacement, HOODZ has a solution to meet all your grease containment needs. Stop roof grease damage and eliminate fire hazards by ensuing grease containment is part of your regular maintenance program.