6 Kitchen Nightmares To Make You Not Want Dinner

We’ve all had a less-than-perfect restaurant experience in our time, but only some of us have suffered a real kitchen nightmare!

From wires to roaches, we’ve scoped out six of the worst, most cringeworthy stories out there. Our hand-drawn images illustrate just how awful they really are.

Approach with caution: these are not for the faint-hearted.

#1 Band-aid in salad

My wife and I went to a restaurant with another couple two years ago. Things were great until my wife found, of all things, a disgusting band-aid in her salad! To make things even worse, the manager tried to say the salad came from a bag, and therefore could not have been his staff’s fault. I don’t care where it came from – the fact is, it found its way into my wife’s salad! It was repulsive as well as insulting. We’re never going back!

Band-Aid in Salad

#2 Paint on fries

At a Southern restaurant in NYC, my french fries came with a liberal serving of what looked like sausage gravy drizzled over them. The restaurant was painting the kitchen and had somehow slopped grey paint all over my order! I’m not sure how the waitress didn’t see or smell the ‘gravy’ when she brought it over, but I left before I could find out.

Paint on Fries

#3 Cigarette in glass

A few years ago, I had a glass of water that came in an amber-colored glass. It had a lot of texture on it, which made it opaque. All through dinner, I kept commenting that my water tasted strange, but seeing as we were in a popular restaurant I figured the water would be fine. No one else noticed it so I tried not to think much of it. This was a mistake! When I finished the glass, I discovered a cigarette butt among the ice at the bottom!

Cigarette in Glass

#4 Electrical wire in burger

At a fast food restaurant, when I was a kid, I ordered the same burger I always did. When I bit into it my teeth hit something that I immediately knew shouldn’t be there. We took a look, and found a piece of electrical wire in my burger! They apparently had some repairs going on earlier that day, but I have no idea how they didn’t realize some had ended up in my food!

Electrical Wire in Burger

#5 Rubber glove in Chinese food

We ordered the house special Lo Mein on takeout and found a little gift in the box when we got back to our hotel room. It was the fingertip of a rubber glove! We quickly returned to the restaurant and the cashier seemed to know why we were back – she couldn’t open the cash register fast enough! Maybe she was trying to make sure we didn’t make a scene in front of the other unsuspecting diners, but rest assured, we’ll never be eating there again.

Rubber Glove in Chinese Food

#6 Cockroach in salad bar

I used to work at a restaurant that was pretty laid-back. It was a really slow night, and on my break I went to the salad bar. I was grabbing some croutons when something scurried away a few inches from my face. I jumped back and shouted “What the hell was that?!?” It was a cockroach, and to make it worse, I saw a bunch more in the box of croutons in the back! I managed to get to the back before I was sick.

Cockroach in Salad Bar

Keeping a clean kitchen is something that most restaurants take very seriously. If proper care isn’t taken, you might just end up with paint or stray wires making an unexpected appearance!

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