HOODZ Serves Up Four Safety Measures for Fire Prevention Week

Commercial kitchens can be very dangerous grounds, especially when it comes to fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five fires in eating and drinking establishments involve cooking equipment. Of these fires, 21 percent had failure to clean as a contributing factor to the ignition, making this the leading cause of commercial kitchen fires.

With October 9-15 being Fire Prevention Week, we at HOODZ wanted to promote this important topic by serving up four safety measures to help prevent fires in commercial kitchens.

Remove Grease

Grease build-up can easily ignite when exposed to any flame or high heat. As such, it is important to regularly clean the walls, ranges, work surfaces, grills, fryers and any other area of the kitchen that could be harvesting grease residue.

Take Out Trash

Remove items in the kitchen that may be able to fuel a fire. Clear the kitchen of debris, trash, packaging, clutter and any other flammable materials.

Clean Exhaust System

A properly cleaned and compliant kitchen exhaust system means cleaning beyond what is immediately visible. Contact a professional to conduct a deep cleaning of the kitchen hoods, ducts and fans to remove grease, improve ventilation and reduce the risk of fires.

Train Your Staff

Kitchen staff should be trained in fire prevention and response. Educate your staff about the proper ways to clean surfaces, different uses for fire extinguishers, techniques for stopping a fire, and other components of an emergency action plan.
Leaving fire safety on the back burner can quickly result in kitchen flames. In light of Fire Prevention Week, take the time to implement these safety measures in your commercial kitchen – it will ensure the protection of your employees, your customers, and your business.

Learn more about Fire Prevention Week on the National Fire Protection Association website.