Two HOODZ Franchises Open in Chitown Burbs

Nation’s Leader in Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Provides Their Expertise in Local Market

HOODZ of Chitown ChicagoNorthbrook and Naperville, IL - HOODZ, the nation’s largest and most reputable kitchen hood cleaning franchise announced that its newest locations opened in Northbrook and Naperville, Illinois to service the Chicagoland suburbs in mid-August 2010. HOODZ of West and Southwest Metro Chicago is located at 3108 S. Rd 59, Suite 124 Naperville, IL and HOODZ of the North Shore is located at 3149 Dundee Road #277 Northbrook, IL

"A fireman was killed recently in Chicago fighting a kitchen fire," said Jacqui McGrew, co-owner of the HOODZ of West and Southwest Metro Chicago. "We are the first line of defense in fire prevention in restaurants."

Beginning with the roof-top, HOODZ professionals work to clean the entire exhaust hood system of a kitchen working their way down to the kitchen’s cook-top. Not just for fast-food and quick-service restaurants, HOODZ can also service family and fine dining restaurants, reception halls, healthcare facilities, and corporate and industrial kitchens, as well as school, church, and stadium kitchens.

HOODZ understands its commercial customers must remain compliant with building and fire protection codes in order to remain in operation so it focuses on inspecting the entire system and initiating grease containment systems, complete exhaust system cleaning and filter exchange or rental programs. Businesses are assured to know that HOODZ adheres to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard-96, which is devoted exclusively to ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

“We are thrilled to present the Northbrook food service communities with exceptional kitchen exhaust hood maintenance that keeps local businesses complaint and up-to-code,” said Steve Gartner of HOODZ of The North Shore. “As the national authority in kitchen exhaust cleaning, HOODZ offer more resources to the food service industry than our competitors so we have every advantage to keep Northbrook businesses open and contributing to the local economy.”

Both HOODZ of West and Southwest Metro Chicago and HOODZ of the North Shore tout a Picture Perfect Standard operation that elevates its network of professionals to a much higher standard than its competitors. Because HOODZ is so confident in its ability to clean kitchen exhaust systems, each customer is provided with a comprehensive report that includes photographic inspections to validate the work completed. This verification gives the customer consistent, transparent, and standardized procedures to ensure the cleaning process complies with the provisions of NFPA Standard 96, along with providing detailed records for insurance, fires inspectors, health departments, and all federal, state, and local laws. In addition, HOODZ services help businesses reduce overhead associated with consolidated billing, single transaction costs, and central points of contact.

"Because routine exhaust hood cleanings can eliminate poor grease ventilation and help to assure that kitchens are in compliance with mandated standards, having clean exhaust hoods helps to reduce risk of fires," added Jacqui McGrew.

Since HOODZ franchisees are associated with its parent company, BELFOR Franchise Group, a privately held, multi-concept franchise system of BELFOR International, the world’s largest property restoration company, the franchise system enjoys a built-in reputation, and receives “pushed down” work from large government and commercial contracts. Also, the franchise system benefits from the HOODZ National or Regional Account Program, where corporate works to secure national chains, regional brands, and multi-state institutional clients, supplying franchisees with new clientele without traditional recruiting efforts.

HOODZ International is a member of the International Kitchen Exhaust Association (IKECA), the leader in educating members about safety and cleaning techniques by recommended stringent standards and practices for contractors engaged in kitchen exhaust cleaning, and adhering to the influential code-setting bodies such as the NFPA, the International Mechanical Code and the international Building Code.