4 Tips for Protecting Your Commercial Kitchen in Time for Fire Prevention Week

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a structural fire is reported every 86 seconds in the United States. Commercial kitchens are especially susceptible to fire because of the kitchen’s hectic environment and the presence of multiple fire hazards.

This year, Fire Prevention Week will be recognized from October 8 – 14, 2017. Fire Prevention Week, which was created by the NFPA, is a national initiative to keep the public informed about theFire prevention week | Tips for protecting your commercial kitchen importance of fire prevention. To honor this important week, HOODZ franchisees across the country are spreading the word about the importance of cleaning and maintaining commercial kitchens to prevent the likelihood of a devastating fire.

For business owners and facility managers interested in making sure their kitchen is up-to-code, here are a few tips for reducing the risk of fire:

Maintain electrical equipment

Kitchen equipment should be frequently examined for frayed cords or wiring and broken switch plates. Staff should check regularly to help prevent fires resulting from electrical malfunctions.

Minimize grease

Grease build-up can easily ignite when exposed to high heat. Regularly clean the walls, cooking surfaces, grills and any other areas of the kitchen susceptible to grease buildup.

Clean the exhaust system

Hire a professional to conduct a thorough clean of the kitchen hoods, ducts and fans to remove grease, improve ventilation, and reduce the risk of fires.

Prepare an escape plan

It’s important to have an emergency action and evacuation plan in case of a fire. Exits should be clearly marked and fire drills should be conducted twice a year to ensure your staff is trained on what to do.

Visit the NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week page for additional information on how to raise awareness of Fire Prevention Week in your area, and make your kitchen an even safer environment!