HOODZ Announces Versatile New Soak Tank Service Program

HOODZ International, LLC (HOODZ), the nation’s largest and most reputable commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and conveyor oven maintenance franchise, today launched a new HOODZ Soak Tank Service Program. This unique service line is designed to safely and efficiently remove traditionally difficult contaminants such as fat, oil, grease, and carbon buildup from commonly used commercial kitchen items.

The HOODZ Soak Tank Service Program is comprised of a custom engineered soak tank filled with a non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solution for soaking hard-to-clean kitchen items such as oven racks, hood filters, broiler grates, pots, pans, pizza pans, fryer baskets, food prep utensils and more. With this turn-key service, customers receive a monthly drain, clean and refill of the soak tank by a HOODZ professional. No up-front asset purchase provides easy budgeting and peace of mind knowing all maintenance and repair of the equipment is fully covered at no cost as part of the program.

Before and after soak system

“We are truly pleased to introduce the HOODZ Soak Tank Service Program as a safe, simple, cost effective solution to better serve the needs of our customers” said Keith Turner, President of HOODZ International. “Customers who take advantage of this new option will not only see their hard-to-clean kitchen equipment go from dirty to clean overnight, but will also benefit from optimized operations and profitability.”

The HOODZ Soak Tank Service Program is a cost-effective solution for commercial kitchens, saving customers’ money by minimizing employee labor, eliminating the need to purchase expensive and often dangerous caustic degreasers, or the burden of maintenance on another piece of equipment. The service also extends the life of existing equipment, further reducing the need for maintenance or purchasing new equipment.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and with franchise locations covering more than 150 territories throughout the U.S. and Canada, HOODZ offers a wide variety of commercial facility maintenance and cleaning services. These services cover exhaust hood systems, commercial ovens, vent hood filter, grease containment, power washing, and much more. HOODZ highly-trained professionals adhere to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard-96 which is devoted exclusively to ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

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