Welcome Marie, Alexandra, Fabian, and Alexandre!

We would like to officially announce an exciting addition to the HOODZ Network by congratulating the Thibaud and Breavoine families as the new owners of HOODZ of Collier County Florida!

Welcome Marie, Alexandra, Fabian, and AlexandreOriginally from France, Marie and Fabian moved to the U.S. with their daughter Alexandra and son-in-law Alexandre in order to start a family business in Naples, Florida. 

To understand what franchise opportunities were available to them in the area, the Thibauds and Breavoines worked with a franchise broker who introduced them to HOODZ. Once they heard about HOODZ’s culture of excellence and reputation for superior professionalism in the industry, Marie, Fabien, Alexandra, and Alexandre decided to attend a Meet the Team Day. After spending the day with the home office support team and getting to know more about the brand, they knew HOODZ would be the perfect fit for their family.

HOODZ of Collier County Florida will be serving the Naples, Ft. Myers, and Marco Island areas of Florida. Marie, Fabien, Alexandra, and Alexandre hope to build their business quickly, so their common goal is to start generating sales right away. As their HOODZ location grows, the family anticipates adding another truck to their fleet as soon as possible.

The Thibauds and Breavoines are from a town just south of Paris called Orge, France. While living in France, they would frequently visit the United States. Through those visits, they fell in love with southwest Florida, which ultimately helped them choose Naples as their new home. Marie, Fabien, Alexandra, and Alexandre believe there is much more opportunity for their family’s future in the U.S., and they all plan to contribute in their own way to make their new HOODZ location a success. In their free time, they enjoy doing outdoor activities together, and they are all muscle car enthusiasts.

Please join us in welcoming Marie, Fabien, Alexandra, and Alexandre to the HOODZ family. They can be reached at 239-354-7277 or by email at Marie.Thibaud@hoodz.us.com, Fabien.Thibaud@hoodz.us.com, Alexandra.Breavoine@hoodz.us.com, and Alexandre.Breavoine@hoodz.us.com.