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Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation Services

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation-Services

Improve the Lifespan of Your Fan

A reliable exhaust fan hinge kit is an ideal addition to promote a more thorough cleaning and inspection. At HOODZ, our custom exhaust fan hinge kit installation services do a lot for your commercial space. In addition to providing better access for cleaning, they help protect your exhaust fans along with your entire ventilation system.

There are many reasons why exhaust fan hinge kits are important, such as:

  • They protect the roof from leaks and roof damage that can be caused by placing the exhaust fan on the roof during maintenance and cleaning services
  • They protect the fan wires from damage that can be caused from cleanings and maintenance

  • They protect the exhaust fan from being damaged when placed on its side

Above all, exhaust fan hinge kits are required by fire code. The NFPA Standard-96 requires each exhaust fan to have weatherproof electrical cables that are flexible and hinged. A hinged exhaust fan also helps to promote safety when cleaning and inspecting and also increases the lifespan of your exhaust fan. If the fan is not hinged, proper cleanings and inspections become difficult and can result in premature damage to your commercial facility and your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system.

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We offer competitive pricing for top-quality exhaust fan hinge kit installations thanks to our strong relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry.

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