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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Experience the HOODZ Difference

Whatever you may be cooking releases grease vapors, smoke, and heat into the air every time you cook. Most of it funnels up through your kitchen’s exhaust hood and through your duct work and out of the building via an exhaust fan. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services

Ensuring Your Health & Safety

If your exhaust hood is not doing its job, it may be difficult to tell because many vapors are invisible to the naked eye. Thankfully, you don’t ever have to worry when you call HOODZ for kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. We utilize a photographic documentation system that allows us to see many of the vapors and other flammable and unsafe particles that can put your facility in danger.

As one of the biggest commercial kitchen cleaning companies around, you can count on us to:

  • Use the safest and most advanced tools to deliver exceptional results
  • Perform a full hood cleaning, no matter what service you request
  • Perform a thorough inspection before every service

We understand more than anyone else that a clean kitchen has to provide more than just a clean appearance. All of its components need to function properly and we take all of the necessary steps that areas that are out of sight are treated just as well as any other part of your kitchen. This includes not just the outside of your exhaust hood, but every inch of the inside and connecting ductwork as well.

For all of your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services, there’s no better company to trust than HOODZ!

  • I was extremely impressed that, in over 100 degree heat, someone arrived and was even 5 minutes early with a friendly approach.

    Tina's Ethiopian Cafe
  • What HOODZ did do was a professional job, from start to finish. They inspected the systems thoroughly, and then gave us an accurate bid with specifics as to what services were to be performed.

    Rob A.