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Vent Hood Filter Cleaning Services

Vent Hood Filter Cleaning Services

Ensuring the Health & Safety of Your Indoor Air

One of the best ways to maintain proper function of your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system is to clean your vent hood filters weekly or daily, depending on how busy your commercial kitchen is. Vent hood filters become clogged with grease quickly and, if left uncleaned, your kitchen will not be able to ventilate properly. This also reduces your energy costs since your system won’t have to work as hard.

What Is the HOODZ Difference?

HOODZ is one of the biggest commercial kitchen cleaning companies in the industry, and we see first hand how quickly filters become clogged. Thankfully, we are able to inspect and clean your vent hood filter and replace it for you if necessary.

Not only can HOODZ establish a filter maintenance plan for you, but we can also:

  • Clean your filters on site
  • Order and purchase new filters for you
  • Measure your current filters and help you decide the best replacements if necessary

Our certified technicians care about the quality of the air in your commercial space, and with your kitchen being one of the hottest rooms in your facility, it’s critical to ensure that your vent hood filters are cleaned and replaced regularly by professionals.

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  • I was extremely impressed that, in over 100 degree heat, someone arrived and was even 5 minutes early with a friendly approach.

    Tina's Ethiopian Cafe
  • What HOODZ did do was a professional job, from start to finish. They inspected the systems thoroughly, and then gave us an accurate bid with specifics as to what services were to be performed.

    Rob A.