To whomever it may concern:

This is a simple letter of recommendation for Marty & Roxane Sargent the owners of HOODZ of Mid-MO/NW Metro St. Louis cleaning systems. The company specializes in the cleaning, services of restaurant exhaust systems.

As many of my fellow restaurateurs know it has been difficult if not impossible to find a reliable company to perform this very necessary service. At a minimum your hoods need to be cleaned at least two times per year, but we have ours serviced four times per year.

In a nutshell what HOODZ did not do for us:

Did not promise one thing, and then perform another.
Promise a time for the service and fail to show up.
Showed up late, job was then not done properly and left a mess.
Had to have a special time of day, typically Sunday when the job could be performed.
They did not leave every pilot light extinguished.
They did not blow and circuit breakers or destroy any pilot light thermo couples with water.

What HOODZ did do was a professional job, from start to finish. They inspected the systems thoroughly, and then gave us an accurate bid with specifics as to what services were to be performed. They serviced our hood exhaust system at night after closing, no supervision was needed, the job was excellent, there was no clean up afterwards, all pilot lights were ignited. The entire process was painless. Their before and after pictures are very useful, particularly for any insurance purposes. Their suggestions for grease containers and their systems are excellent. You usually pay for what you get, the money we spent with HOODZ is worth every dime. Finally there is a reliable and professional option for the Mid-Missouri area for this service. I recommend them highly.

Rob Agee ,