What To Expect

kitchen exhaust professionals

Step 1:

All HOODZ customers are entered into our proprietary scheduling software which automatically alerts us when your exhaust system needs to be inspected in the future.

Step 2:

Once HOODZ arrives at your restaurant, we perform a systematic inspection of your entire exhaust system from the roof-top to the cook-top. We offer a complete, fully validated, comprehensive report documenting our work through specific photographic inspections. The HOODZ Picture Verification System provides confirmation that the work performed followed consistent, transparent, standardized procedures ensuring that the cleaning process complies with provisions of NFPA Standard-96, insurance, fire inspections, health departments and all applicable federal, state and local laws.

Step 3:

Once all work has been verified, HOODZ generates an invoice that can be mailed, emailed, or faxed depending on the restaurant owner’s preference. For national or regional accounts, HOODZ can provide consolidated billing and account management.