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Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning in Charleston

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With over 100 locations throughout North America, HOODZ of Charleston has become the leader of kitchen exhaust hood system maintenance in the United States and Canada. The best thing? You will always receive professional quality services that follow the cleaning standards set at a national and local level. We are always sure to top your expectations while cleaning your entire kitchen exhaust system.

We ensure that we always stay in compliance with:

  • National Fire Protection Association Standard 96
  • Local Jurisdiction Requirements
  • IKECA ANSA C-10 Standard

Every one of our technicians is a trained and certified professional. We pride ourselves on being able to ensure they have the highest level of support, training, and specialized equipment in the industry.

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Vent Hoods Are an Important Part of Your Business

Smoke from Cooking in a Commercial KitchenEvery commercial kitchen should have a properly functioning exhaust hood system. Hood systems serve as a filtration system to remove grease, smoke, and other gunk from your commercial building’s air supply. Keeping your hood vent system clean helps ensure your kitchen remains clean and dramatically reduces the risk of slip injuries as well as unfortunate grease fires. Some other benefits of keeping your exhaust hood system in working order are:

  • Air Quality – To double down on this statement, an essential thing your vent hood does is maintain your air quality supply. The vent hood exhaust system filters out and removes harmful air pollutants that you, your staff, or customers should not be breathing in. These pollutants come in the form of smoke, grease, and steam, which are byproducts of cooking.
  • Excess Heat – Since the exhaust hood system is continually pulling out old air, heat from kitchen burners exits through this system as well. A correctly installed exhaust system should also keep the AC/heater in the summer or winter from being overused.
  • Kitchen Staff Well-Being – As the hood expels grease from the kitchen, buildups are less likely to happen. This function ensures your staff limits their risk of injury and can breathe fresh air.
  • Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Kitchen and cooking equipment constantly expel carbon monoxide. Your exhaust system also pulls this hazardous gas out of the air along with the rest of the pollutants.

Cleaning a Commercial Vent Hood

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to consistently clean and maintain the commercial vent hood in your business. If not correctly taken care of, the collected grease can become very sticky, hard to move, and even create a significant fire hazard. Below, we describe the standard cleaning methods for a commercial vent hood:

  • Removing & Cleaning Grease Receptacles – The grease must be disposed of properly (never down the drain), and receptacles must be soaked and scrubbed once dry.
  • Removing & Cleaning Hood Filters – Soak the filters in detergent and hot water to break down the layers of grease. If hood filters become caked in grease from improper maintenance, you may need to soak them overnight. Scrub, run through the dishwasher, then replace.
  • Cleaning Hood’s Surface – Spray a degreasing compound on the surface area of the hood. The compound should break up the residue, which allows the grease to fall away more easily. After this, use a plastic scraper to remove any caked-on grease. Once removed of grease, wipe it off using a soft cloth.

Cleaning vent hoods can be a long and monotonous project. With all of the tasks a successful business owner must do, cleaning vent hoods may not be a top priority for some. Even when owners attempt to clean the units following the information above, most owners do not clean it to the extent that we do. Having your vents cleaned thoroughly by professionals ensures the safety of your business and employees.

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How Often Should My Vent Hood be Cleaned?

It is imperative to the health and safety of you and your employees that you clean and maintain your restaurant vent hood regularly. How often you should clean your vent hood depends on the type and volume of cooking done in your business. Here is a simple guide to follow:

  • Monthly – If you own a fast food or 24-hour restaurant, or if you use a wood- or charcoal-burning stove, we recommend getting your vent hoods cleaned monthly.
  • Quarterly – If you are cooking average to high volumes of food, or are a 24-hour restaurant, we recommend cleaning your vent hoods quarterly.
  • Semi-Annually – Pizza restaurants, average-volume establishments, or businesses with a sit-down atmosphere should have their vent hoods cleaned semi-annually.
  • Annually – Those who operate seasonally, occasionally, or produce low volumes of food should have their hoods cleaned annually.

If you are unsure of when you should be getting your vent hoods cleaned, or if you are ready to schedule your Charleston restaurant hood cleaning, fill out this form online or call us at (843) 508-9236!