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Vent Hood Cleaning

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The vent hood is one of the most important components of your kitchen because, without it, all of the smoke, heat, and vapors that are produced when you’re cooking would have nowhere to go. This is why it’s critical to ensure that your vent hood is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by experienced and certified professionals. At HOODZ, we perform thorough inspections of your entire system before every service to make sure that your commercial kitchen is as clean and safe as possible.

In addition to vent hood cleaning, you can count on us to clean all other parts of your kitchen’s exhaust system, including, but not limited to your:

  • Vent hood filters
  • Pollution control units
  • Exhaust fan units
  • All connecting ductwork

No matter what service you request, you can guarantee that HOODZ will give you our best.

Keeping Your Vent Hood Clean & Up to Standard

When you put your trust in HOODZ, you can rest assured that we have all of the necessary equipment and tools to provide any vent hood with a thorough and detailed cleaning. We also take the time to measure the levels of flammable residue in your systems. After taking these important measurements, we can report back to you with anything we found that may compromise the safety of your kitchen’s exhaust system.

If your vent hood is outdated or compromised, we are happy to help you pick out a new one that is sure to keep your commercial facility up to standard. We can also replace your vent hood filters for you as well to ensure that your system breathes properly.

Learn more about our services and how our dedication and abilities contribute to our success!

  • I was extremely impressed that, in over 100 degree heat, someone arrived and was even 5 minutes early with a friendly approach.

    Tina's Ethiopian Cafe
  • What HOODZ did do was a professional job, from start to finish. They inspected the systems thoroughly, and then gave us an accurate bid with specifics as to what services were to be performed.

    Rob A.